"Living in Relations" Research Project

Menominee Indian Tribe, Northwestern University, and The American Indian Center (AIC) Research Project
With Funding through The National Science Foundation - REESE and ISE Grants.

Dr. Douglas Medin, Principal Investigator                 Northwestern University

Doug is a Cognitive Psychologist at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL. He has been conducting research on the Menominee Reservation for over ten years and has a close relationship with the Menominee people.



To contact Doug:

Tel: (847467-1660

Email: medin@northwestern.edu

Web: Douglas Medin

Joey Awonohopay, Principal Investigator - Menominee Language and Culture Commission

 In addition to being the acting P.I. for our portion of the project, and an enrolled member of the Menominee Tribe, Joey is also the acting Director of The Menominee Language and Culture Commission, without who's cooperation this portion of the project would not be possible. Also, Joey is a seasoned Menominee Language Teacher and cultural community leader, and normally serves as Chairman of the Menominee Language and Culture Commission. He is also a proud grandfather and enjoys hunting.

To contact Joey:

Tel: 715.799.4849 

Email: jawonohopay@mitw.org


Connie Rasmussen, Research Assistant                         Menominee Language and Culture Commission

Connie (On the left) has been with the project for ten-plus years, is a graduate of the College of Menominee Nation and an enrolled member of the Oneida Tribe with her roots on the Menominee Reservation.

 Connie is shown here (on the left) with Dr. Medin

To contact Connie:

Tel: (715) 799-4849 

Email: crasmussen@mitw.org

Brett Reiter, Research Assistant                                                  Menominee Language and Culture Commission

Brett has been with the program since August of 2009 and is an enrolled member of the Menominee Indian Tribe. Brett has also worked as a Research Assistant at the Menominee Tribal School, working on a similar NSF grant. 


To contact Brett:

Tel: (715) 799-4849 

Email: b-reiter1@northwestern.edu

Megan Bang, Principal Investigator TERC

Megan Bang, PHD, Senior Researcher, TERC, Cambridge, MA/Director of Education, American Indian Center, Chicago, IL. She is one of the Principal Investigators for the project. Currently with the University of Washington, Seattle.


To contact Megan:

Tel: (206) 616-8977

Email: megan_bang@terc.edu

Web: Megan Bang

Sandra R. Waxman, Principal Investigator                          Northwestern University

Sandra is a Professor of Cognitive Psychology and a Developmental Psychologist. She is interested in early language acquisition, cognitive development, cultural issues, and the interactions among them. She has been working on the project for over ten years, and is continually amazed at what we are finding out. 

To contact Sandy: 

Tel: (847) 467-2293 

Email: s-waxman@northwestern.edu  

Web:  Sandra R. Waxman, PHD

Jennie Woodring, Northwestern University

Jennie is the project coordinator for Doug Medin and Sandra Waxman. She is a invaluable part of the project and keeps everything running smoothly 


 To contact Jennie:

Tel: (847) 467-1150 

Email: j-woodring@northwestern.edu

Web:  Jennie Woodring


Although it pained me greatly, I had to remove several people no longer associated with the program from this area. I would like to just mention friends of the project - Shannon Chapman, Kateri Merino, Tammy Lyons, Cynthia Soto, Julie Schlicting, Julie Kaquatosh, and Marcus Grignon just to name a few.